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Bradley Palmer - Some Myths

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Some Myths Regarding Bradley Webster Palmer

By Neal L. Trubowitz, Ph.D.
Seasonal Park Interpreter, Bradley Palmer State Park
September 19, 2017

Noted attorney Bradley Webster Palmer donated the Topsfield and Hamilton portions of his Willow Dale Estate to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1944, forming Bradley Palmer State Park.  Topsfield lore has many tales of Palmer.  In 2016 I sourced some stories.  I found myths and mistakes, and offer corrections.

His baptism record dates his birth: June 28, 1866.  Harvard University Archives document his death:  November 9, 1946.

Palmer did not represent President Woodrow Wilson at the Peace Conference for World War I, and did not help draft the Treaty of Versailles, or the separate U.S. Treaty with Germany.  The commissioners Wilson appointed were diplomats, politicians and professors, not lawyers.  Palmer was in Paris as support legal staff, not as a principal negotiator or author.

On June 25, 1919 a photograph of The American Commission to Negotiate Peace Delegation was taken at the Hotel Crillon, Paris.  Over 70 military and civilian men are in the photograph.  Sitting in front are the five principals of the delegation including President Wilson.  Palmer may be in the photograph, but the standing men are not identified.  Congress did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles, and Palmer was not among those who negotiated the separate Treaty of Berlin ratified by Congress on November 11, 1921; Palmer was busy as a corporate lawyer.

Palmer was the primary attorney and a member of the Board of Directors for what is now the United Fruit Company, which he aggregated from several import companies starting in 1899.  Creation of the United Fruit Company made Palmer wealthy and attracted many other corporate clients.

Palmer was not a principal lawyer for Sinclair Oil Corporation during the Teapot Dome Scandal (1921-1922).  It was the biggest U.S. government scandal before Watergate.  The Secretary of the Interior went to prison for taking bribes from oil companies to lease U.S. Naval Oil Reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming.  Palmer is not in 1924 photographs of Harry Ford Sinclair’s Congressional appearance, which show Sinclair; J. W. Simpson, Vice-President of Sinclair Oil; Sinclair’s personal attorney J. W. Zevely; and attorney Martin W. Littleton.   

Palmer entertained often at Willow Dale, but some notables were not his guests, such as President William Howard Taft and His Royal Highness Edward Albert, the Prince of Wales.


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Alley, Frederick J. (1931).  Myopia Races and Riders 1879-1930:  being an account of the various

 races under the auspices of the Myopia Hunt Club.  Myopia Hunt Club, Hamilton, MA.

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