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Wounded Color Sergeant monument

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The Wounded Color Sergeant monument, sculpted by Mrs. Theo A. Ruggles Kitson, is located on Veterans Memorial Green.  Dedicated July 25, 1914, the monument was financed in part by $8000 bequeathed to the town by Justin Allen, M.D. who died November 5, 1908.  Dr. Allen wished "...to erect a monument suitable to commemorate the lives of the citizens of Topsfield who enlisted in the U.S. army in defence of the country in the Great rebellion of 1861-1865" (Dow, 1940, p. 230).


In 2010, an inscription with Kitson's name and the name of the bronze statue, "The Wounded Color Sergeant", were added to the back of the statue (Mickey, 2010).      


Photo: Elizabeth Thomsen




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View Library Catalog record; read online at the Internet Archive.


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Topsfield Times: A Community and Local History Resource






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