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South Side Cemetery

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Located on Rowley Bridge Road in Topsfield, South Side Cemetery sits on a hill and is noted for its variety of well-tended trees.  The original one-half acre of land was deeded on March 13, 1740 by Joseph Herrick to a group of 15 men, including members of the Cummings, Estey, and Towne families.  The land was “to be used as a burying place forever,” and is known to have been used for this purpose prior to 1740, including for Revolutionary War soldiers.  
The cemetery was enlarged by a gift of land from the Cummings family in 1814.  The name “South Side Cemetery” was officially adopted in 1894, when a permanent fund was established with the town for care of the property.


There is a binder containing listings of the plots in the Topsfield Room of the Topsfield Town Library.




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View Library Catalog record; read online at the Internet Archive



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