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Topsfield Historical Society

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The Topsfield Historical Society was established on December 14, 1894 when a group of interested persons adopted a constitution that "...stated that the purpose of the Society was the collection, preservation and study of all historical materials relating to the town of Topsfield, and the encouragement of the study of natural history in its various branches" (Dow, 1940, p. 444).  The first officers were Justin Allen, M.D., President; Charles J. Peabody, Vice President; and George Francis Dow, Secretary-Treasurer.


The Historical Society purchased the oldest and best preserved home in Topsfield, the Parson Capen House, in the Spring of 1913.  Monies to purchase the house and surrounding land came from a bequest of $2000 from David Cummings and contribution of $1200 from Thomas Emerson Proctor. 


The Society continues to publish papers, host lectures, and sponsor events that relate to Topsfield and are of interest to the townspeople.  Local Lore : The Topsfield Historical Society Newsletter, a monthly newsletter published by the Society beginning in September 2002, may be viewed in the Topsfield Room at the Topsfield Town Library.



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Further Reading

Topsfield Historical Society. (1996?). The Parson Capen House (1683) Captain Joseph Gould Barn (c. 1710): Properties of the Topsfield Historical Society (brochure). Topsfield, Mass.: Topsfield Historical Society.


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